the aph series

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The Australasian Posthumanities held our first talk in August of 2020, and we've been running digital events monthly ever since. Talks are advertised via Eventbrite, run via Zoom, and get turned into podcasts on Spotify so no one misses out. We don't share the Zoom recordings for audience privacy reasons, but you can follow us on Spotify to stay updated whenever we release a new podcast.


The APH talks are about anything and everything in the 'posthumanities' - a space that moves away from single-code disciplines and towards collaborative, imaginative, and critical work across the arts and humanities. Previous talks have included topics like stigma around shame, mushroom computers, whether trees have memories, and whether existentialism is a humanism, for example. Our audience is predominantly made up of academics and creatives from across Australasia.


The goal of the APH is to make the arts & humanities radically accessible - for presenters and audiences alike. We build our talks around these values:

  • Accessibility

We affirm differences as perceptive gifts, and work collaboratively to ensure speakers present on their terms.

  • Flat hierarchy

We take submissions from amateurs and professionals alike, creating safe, open spaces without the pecking order.

  • Creative process

We honour creative thinking processes, acknowledging that sometimes the end-goal isn't the most valuable part of our work.

share your ideas

We welcome presenters from across the globe, and would love for you to share your knowledge in this space. Whatever you have in mind - a performance art piece, a Q&A to celebrate your book launch, a panel discussion or a workshop with the audience - anything goes. We have a rolling deadline, and talks are usually scheduled around 2 - 3 months in advance. We'll work with you to figure out the best time and day for your digital talk, though most are held between 10am - 8pm AEST. If you'd prefer to do your talk with a mate - please do! Collaborative practice is central to our posthumanities ethos.