we're a digital network of thinkers holding space across disciplines, timezones and travel bans. community first, colonial capitalism last.

reading group

On Fridays, we read theory.

When we say theory, we mean any text which communicates an interesting idea. We share poetry, lie on the couch, made endless cuppas, watch YouTube documentaries, walk and talk, cook tea, and read everything from Haraway to Moreton-Robinson to Glissant to Spivak to Araluen.

And when we say Fridays, we mean, usually Friday, but sometimes Mondays, almost always fortnightly. We always get together via Zoom, and the link is sent out with the reading in advance via email.

read with us

We work on unceded Boon Wurrung lands in Naarm. We pay the rent in acknowledging ongoing violences against First Nations peoples.