we're a digital network of thinkers holding space across disciplines, timezones and travel bans. community first, colonial capitalism last.


The australasian posthumanities is a digital network of thinkers holding space across timezones and travel bans. We're thinkers, creatives, scientists, musicians, academics, artists, poets, writers, and everything in-between.

The network was founded by Dr Elese Dowden in July 2020.

We thank Megan Cassidy-Welch, the Global Posthuman Network, Erin McFadyen, Maks Sipowicz, Sarah Jane Fantini, and everyone who supports this network for the love of community.

what is the posthumanities?

We conceive of the 'posthumanities' as being an anti-disciplinary space after the traditional humanities. The posthumanities draws on work across critical theory, science, the creative arts and the broader humanities, sharing elements with posthumanism (ie. incorporating relational thinking against human exceptionalism).

But just as the humanities is not humanism, the posthumanities is not posthumanism. One is a space, and one is a mode of thought, though both influence each other. The australasian posthumanities is an inclusive, anti-disciplinary network for those who want to think together outside of traditional academic boundaries.


We work on unceded Boon Wurrung lands in Naarm. We pay the rent in acknowledging ongoing violences against First Nations peoples.