who we are

The Australasian Posthumanities is a digital network of thinkers holding space across timezones and travel bans. We're thinkers, creatives, scientists, musicians, academics, artists, poets, writers, and everything in-between. Community first, colonial capitalism last.

The Australasian Posthumanities was founded by Pākehā writer and thinker Dr Elese Dowden in July of 2020. Elese runs the APH talks, Twitter, newsletter and website, and is fairly accustomed to writing in the third person. She is grateful for the support of founding co-conspirators Erin McFadyen and Rosie Clarke.

how it started

Having finished her PhD and moved countries in the wake of the plague, Elese was frustrated. Poetry is not a luxury, and neither is sharing ideas in the arts and humanities. And yet the barriers of academia all-too-frequently hinder, rather than help this collaboration.

We began the Australasian Posthumanities during deep Victorian lockdown as a digital, accessible way to have conversations in the space-between, with the encouragement of Professor Megan Cassidy-Welch of the Women and Power Network. The APH is also affiliated with the Global Posthuman Network.

how we're funded

We're not.

The APH relies on the gift economy of enchantment and generosity. We desperately wish we could pay people for the time it takes to do this work, especially given many of us have come to this space through recognition of the critical perception gifted to us through our differences. Unfortunately, we don't currently have the financial resources or the people-power to pay anyone, but our desire to keep the fires burning at the creative margins of the arts and humanities sustains us for now.

If you'd like to support the APH, the best way you can do this is by sharing what we do with others who feel the same. Sign up to our newsletter, share our website, retweet our Tweets, or tell your friends about our talks and podcasts.

If of course, you do fancy yourself as a bit of a Horkheimer, and would like to support the APH on an ongoing basis - get in touch at aposthumanites @ gmail.com. But first - please pay the rent.